Electrical Upgrades

Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting is an area where upgrades to the latest technology can reduce your monthly power consumption and add ambiance to your indoor and outdoor spaces. In recent years, the cost of LED bulbs has been coming down, while their capabilities have been expanding. This makes right now a great time to upgrade all of the lighting in your home. 

In some cases newer LED bulbs can be 90% more efficient than traditional lighting. This makes it great for any lighting application.

Some areas where you might use upgraded LED lighting are:

  • Outdoor spotlights
  • Landscape lighting
  • Indoor ambiance lights
  • Home/Business replacement – replacing all of the compact florescent and incandecent bulbs

Let us install the latest LED technology in your home or business to provide safer, more energy efficient, lighting that produces less heat in your space.

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Upgrade Your Wiring

If your home is more than 20 years old, it might be time to consider upgrading some or all of the wiring in your home. Even though over time modern applicances have become more efficient than they used to be, their power needs have continued to increase.

Modern appliances and equipment like refrigerators, TV’s, home theater systems, and washers and dryers require more power to operate. When coupled with an ever increasing number of appliances to plug into the outlets in our home, this can tax the wiring in older homes. 

Wiring in older homes was designed to handle the power requirements of the day. However, our power consumption requirements increase almost every year. The professional electricians at Amp Electric upgrade the older wiring in your home, helping provide greater safety and efficiency. 

Some signs you might need to upgrade the wiring in your home are frequent issues with outlets, flickering/inconsistent lighting, frequent issues with tripping breakers in your panel, and an odor from burned or hot wires. 

Upgrades to lighting are more of a voluntary situation to reduce energy bills and have a more efficient home. However, when your home needs an upgrade to it’s wiring, when not addressed, it can become a safety issue. 

Breaker Box/Panel Upgrades

Similar to upgrading the wiring in your home, breaker box upgrades in older homes can be a requirement and not a luxury. Similar circumstances which lead to a need to update or upgrade your wiring, lead to a need to upgrade your breaker box. 

Increasing power demands from modern appliances and more appliances to plug in require more power from your box and your wiring. Upgrading your breaker box is sometimes referred to as an “electrical heavy up.” This is where we install a newer box capable of handling increased power demands. 

This is frequently done done when you add a room or addition to your home, but can be needed when your box is more than 20 years old.

Some reasons you might need to call Amp Electric to upgrade the breaker box in your existing home in the Lubbock area, include: 

  • Constantly tripping breakers when you plug in new appliances
  • A breaker box/panel more than 20 years old
  • Flickering lights in your home
  • You are planning major upgrades to appliances in your home
  • You have plans to expand or add on to your home
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